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you can call me al.
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alaska, alaska sealife center, animal sanctuaries, appalachian trail, australia, backpacking, band-aids, barnes & noble, bellingham, ben folds, ben folds five, biology, blizzards, blow-up animal globes, books, breckenridge, bruce hornsby, buddhism, bumper stickers, california sea cucumbers, cameras, camping, canada, candles, cape town, cedar waxwings, chai, chapstick, clean lakes, coffee ice cream, coldplay, colorado, colorado avalanche, colored pencils, corduroy pants, denali, dogs, doing the hokey pokey, ecology, ella fitzgerald, empire records, environmental education, evolution, fight the bite, fly fishing, flyball, forests, frolicking otters, fuzzy seat covers, g.love and special sauce, ganesh, gilmore girls, ginger ale, goats, grace potter, hello kitty watches, hiking, hockey, homer, ireland, italian greyhounds, jack kerouac, jeff buckley, jeff corwin, joey, john cusack, joss stone, juneau, kcsu, larval salamanders, lemon sorbet, lemon zinger tea, lemonade, liz clark, maine, marc cohn, massage therapy, medicine wheels, miles davis, missy higgins, moose, morrison, mummy range, music, my pets, norah jones, nutella, oboe, ocean journey, open mic, orcas, oregon, pacific crest trail, painting, pat mcgee band, pens, photography, piano, piano rock, poltergeists, populus tremuloides, porcupine puffers, puget sound, purple, rain, rats, red wolves, seattle, seattle aquarium, seward, shawn mullins, sitting on my roof, skatoulaki, sleeping, slippers, snowboarding, something corporate, sour candy, south africa, south america, southpark, sprite, stars, steinway pianos, sumatran tigers, swimming, tea, the earth, the mountains, the rocket summer, tie-dye, tigers, toilet paper, tongass national forest, trash receptacles, turin brakes, twix, u2, unitarian universalism, vashon island, vegetarianism, venezuela, whidbey island, white cheddar rice cakes, wildlife biology, willow trees, wolves, yamaha pianos, zach galifianakis, zoology